Trying to get your head around programming basics?
Do your classes assume way more programming knowledge than you have?
Or maybe you already have some experience, but are looking to take your Python skills to the next level?
Physsoc will be running another Intro to Python Workshop on Thursday, March 3 from 5-7 PM in Hennings 318. It will be a 2-hour interactive crash course on everything you need to dive into scientific Python. Admission is free for everyone this time around, and snacks will be available to participants! Don’t worry about your skill level coming into this workshop; it’s accessible for people with ZERO Python experience, but also the challenge problems should be a good bit of fun even for Python veterans.
Workshop itinerary:
1. Hello World
2. Basic Data
3. Lists and Dictionaries
4. Conditionals, Loops, and Comprehensions
5. Functions
6. NumPy
7. Matplotlib
8. SciPy
9. Challenge Problems!
Hope to see you there!