Private Tutors

The private tutoring program was established in an effort to bring students and tutors together in a safe and friendly atmosphere. The UBC Physics Society operates this service free of charge to the students; fees exacted by the tutors are at the discretion of the tutors and the students and Physsoc will intervene only if the rates charged seem exorbitant. Physsoc provides only the forum through which the students may meet their tutors.

If you would like to be added into this list, contact us at

Subhash Duggal (Khatri)NegotiableNegotiable
Bruce Krayenhoff$50/hr$50/hr
Phil Ledwith$40/hr25-50% discounts for groups of two, three or four
Kory Stevens$30/hrN/A
Mike ChomitzNegotiableNegotiable
Jack Chu$35/hr15-30% discounts for groups of two or three