Exam Packs

Exam packs will be available for pickup from HENN307 on mon/wed/fri 11-1pm. You can contact us by messaging in the Discord exam pack channel or sending an email to physsoc.ubc@gmail.com.

Purchase Exam Packs

Please fill in the following form to indicate which exams packs you would like to purchase.
  • If you have discord, join our server so we can connect with you to pick up the exam pack. Discord join link: https://discord.gg/7rDYffyT
  • If you do not have discord, we will connect with you via email to pick up the exam pack. Type n/a if you filled out the previous line.
    If you are a physsoc member, please e-transfer $5 to physsoc.ubc@gmail.com for each requested exam pack. Otherwise it is $10 each for non-members (membership is 5$).