The Physics Society of the University of British Columbia (Physsoc) was established in 1963.

The objectives of Physsoc are to:

  • Encourage and facilitate social and intellectual communication between physics students, students in other fields interested in physics and the faculty of the Physics Department.
  • Provide an opportunity for members to become acquainted with the various aspects of physics and related fields.
  • Encourage and assist members in individual physics oriented projects.
  • Provide a physics reference library for members.
  • Provide social and quiet study facilities for members.

In previous years, the society has organized sponsored social events such as Wine and Cheese. Physsoc also provides academically-oriented services to students such as a exam review and packages, study rooms, a free lecture series, and a private tutoring program.

In Fall 2015, Physsoc developed a free Physics Help Centre in collaboration with AMS tutoring and with the support of the Physics Department. As of Fall 2020, Physsoc will be unable to continue this service for now but will maintain our private tutor list as well as our mentorship program and an easy network to get help from peers and classmates through our Discord server.

The Operating Policy, signed by each member, is intended to provide an environment free of racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise derogatory comments or gestures. Physsoc believes in providing a safe, inclusive, and accepting environment for its members.

Physsoc’s mascot is d/rex, the friendly Eigensaur.